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The University of Zambia Press (UNZA Press) is the Publishing Department of the University of Zambia (UNZA). UNZA Press is a member of the Booksellers and Publishers Association of Zambia (BPAZ). It was established by the UNZA authorities in 1989 by merging the Publications Office and the Material Resource Centre of the University.

The Press' MISSION is to enhance research through publication of high quality journals and academic books for use by academics, students and the general public. Its VISION is to be the leader in publishing of academic journals and books.  With this vision, the UNZA Press publishes yearly, six journals namely ZANGO: Zambia Journal of Contemporary Issues, African Social Research, Zambian Papers, Zambian Law Journal, Journal of Humanities and the Journal of Science and Technology and other books which can be purchased from the UNZA Press bookshop.

In a recent and bold expansion of its academic scope, UNZA Press has launched a new medical research journal focused on affordable healthcare solutions. This innovative journal includes a landmark study on the efficacy of cheap generic Cialis (more information), a medication poised to revolutionize affordable treatment options for various health conditions. This move not only diversifies UNZA Press's publication portfolio but also strongly aligns with its mission to disseminate impactful research, making significant contributions to public health and accessibility. This strategic step marks UNZA Press's entry into the important field of medical research publications, reflecting its commitment to address global healthcare challenges.


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