The UNZA Insurance Office falls under the Vice–Chancellor’s Office. The Section is mandated to give professional advice to University Management on Insurance issues to enable Management to make informed decisions on which policies and schemes to cover and with which insurance companies to deal, which gives affordable and suitable conditions to the University of Zambia and other internal stakeholders. The office also negotiates insurance matters with insurance companies on behalf of Management and staff. Further, it informs the university staff and management on the current trends in insurance matters. The Unit is headed by a Manager and assisted by an Insurance Assistant and a Secretary.

The Insurance Office also handles the following policies:

  1. Motor Insurance for Staff at an extra discount of 20%.
  2. Group Life Assurance (which is provided for in the conditions of service).
  3. Group Personal Accident.
  4. Computer Insurance.
  5. Fire Insurance
  6. Health and Travel Insurance
  7. House owners insurance 

NOTE: The University of Zambia has put a Group Personal Accident Insurance Policy for all its Employees on Permanent and Long Contracts Conditions of Service at no cost to the employees. 

This policy covers you against any injuries, death, and medical expenses (Medical expenses have a limit) that you may incur following an accident anywhere and 24/7 as long as you remain an employee of the University of Zambia. Accident, in this case, is defined as follows: -

  1. Road Traffic Accident
  2. Personal Accidents e.g. falling from a ladder
  3. Assault by known or unknown persons.
  4. Dog bites or kicks from a horse or cow.
  5. Disappearance (missing for more than two years).
  6. Injuries from nonprofessional sports e.g. Inter-departmental sports and inter-university sports.

Please contact the UNZA Insurance Office for further information.