Information Management

Information, just like human resource, capital and technology is an important strategic asset for any institution. The effectiveness and efficiency of the University of Zambia therefore, depends on the sound information management practices. The University of Zambia is committed to augment its investment in information through planned and coordinated management of this asset.  Accordingly, the University of Zambia established the Department of Information Management in the year 2012 and operationalized in 2015 under the Registrar’s Unit to support both decision making and efficiency in the operations of the institution.  

About Us

The department is mandated to foster effective stewardship of information and knowledge assets to enable the university meet its strategic objectives and ensure business continuity and pursuance of legal obligation. The Department ultimately aids the University of Zambia realize its mission of excellence in teaching, learning, research and community service. 


  • To promote excellence in information management.


  • To provide information management programs and services that support business operations of the University of Zambia
Information Management