Health Services

Message from the Medical Officer

Welcome to UNZA Health Services. Established in February 1966 just before the first enrollment of UNZA students in March 1966, the department has a specific mandate to provide health care and health promotion services to the university as well as the surrounding community. This task is critical because a healthy and thriving university community is a key requirement for the university to attain its objectives. It explains why UNZA Health Services was established as soon as the university was taking hold. We provide a wide range of health care and health promotion services. Service delivery enjoys generous support from the Ministry of Health (MOH) and its partners. Support comes in the form of supplies of essential commodities, staff placements, and, in some cases, direct funding. Internal stakeholders have equally been supportive of service delivery. Through this collaboration, we have been able to offer a wide range of services conveniently and cost-effectively. In line with the institutional and departmental 2023 – 2027 Strategic Plan, we are repositioning into a world-class facility, offering quality, comprehensive, and round-the-clock services to the university community. With our mission to provide quality health care and health promotion services to the university & surrounding community to enhance healthy living, our vision is world–class healthcare for the university community. Our core values are Client-centric, Commitment, Excellence, Equity, Integrity, Proactiveness & Teamwork. 

Unza ClinicWe have a great team that is ever at the service of our community, working round the clock to provide quality services that are responsive to the needs of our clients. In our quality mission, we aim at providing quality health care and health promotion services in an efficient, clean, confidential and compassionate environment aimed at achieving superior client satisfaction from optimal clinical outcomes.

Young people are at the centre of what we do because the majority of our clients are students who are young people. However we are inclusive in our programming because our staff members and their families are equally important to our mission, so is the community.

In all we do, the voice of our clients and all stakeholders is important. Please give us your valuable feedback in person or via email on