Consultancy and Projects

Who We Are

The Consultancy and Projects (UNZA-Gateway) Unit has the overall mandate to coordinate consultancy, contract research, grants and projects that interface the University of Zambia with external organisations. The expanded scope of work for UNZA – Gateways mandate entails that following; 

  • Consultancy Management and Coordination; 
  • Project and Grants Management;
  • Capacity Building;
  • Optimal Utilisation of University Resources;
  • Market and Marketing of UNZA Competencies;
  • Strategic Collaboration and Partnership; and 
  • Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Finance Management of Projects and Grants 
  • Policy and Legal Compliance 
  • Interdepartmental liaison with Bursar Department, Procurement Department, and Internal Audit Unit.

What is Consulting?

At UNZA-Gateway we see consulting as a way of sharing and applying the wealth of specialist knowledge and expertise that exists across The University of Zambia as a way that benefits both academia and industry.

Benefits to Local Businesses

Access skills, expertise and equipment that are not available in-house; new perspectives on business challenges; greater understanding of advances in research; relationship building and networking opportunities.

Benefits to UNZA Academia

Gain up-to-date commercial insights that can inform research and teaching; improved links with the business community; additional income to support future academic work

What We Do

The Consultancy and Projects (UNZA-Gateway) Unit works with the academics within UNZA and industry partners to match our expertise to organisations’ individual business requirements.
One of the ways we apply the knowledge within the university to business is through consulting and contract research projects.
Corporate Companies, Governments Agencies, and other organisations don’t always have the time, knowledge, resources or know-how to resolve issues in-house.
Thus employing an academic consultant can give you a broader perspective, allowing you to find new ways to solve complex business problems and formulate policies, or giving your organisation an ‘expert advice’ informed by research.
Whether it’s a short-term, one-off project or forms part of a longer-term strategic relationship, UNZA consulting services can add real value to your business.


Our consultancy services include the following:

  • Specialist Opinion
  • Technical and professional advice
  • Expert witness services
  • Due Diligence, Business, and Economic Surveys
  • Strategic Planning and Management
  • Product Development
  • Various Clinical and Field Trials
  • Outsourcing of UNZA Students for Vacation Employment
  • Project and Grant Management
  • Applied and Scientific-Contract Research
  • Research and Consultancy in ICTs and Innovation
  • Contract Research in Medicine, Health Sciences, and Public Health

Our Core Values

As a unit, we align our core values to those of the University of Zambia, these being:

  • Academic Freedom,
  • Excellence,
  • Innovation,
  • Eco-friendliness,
  • Integrity and Equity
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