Purchasing & Supply

The Purchasing and Supplies Unit is a Unit that is responsible for the procurement of goods, services and works for the entire University. In doing so the Unit obtains its mandate from the Zambia Public Procurement Authority Act of 2008 which replaced the Zambia National Tender Board Act. The Unit thus is an important one in our quest to ensure transparency in the way public resources are expended.

The Purchasing and Supplies comprises two sections namely the Purchasing section and Central Stores section. The Purchasing section is responsible for procuring goods, services and services while the Central Stores is responsible for receiving and storing these goods. The head of Central Stores is the Stores Controller. The Stores Controller has got Store Keepers, Stores Clerks and Fuel Attendant working under him. The Purchasing section has got Purchasing Officers, Assistant Purchasing Officers, Purchasing Clerks and a Messenger.