Dr. Jason Mwanza

Department of Social Work and Sociology

Academic Qualifications:

  • BA, UNZA
  • MSc, University Science of Malaysia
  • PhD, UNZA
Research Interests
  • Health and gender 
  • Novel foundations and perspectives in Sociology of health and illness 
  • Ethics 
  • Symbolic interactionism and phenomenology 
  • Imple
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  • Mwanza, J., Cooper, S., Kapungwe, A., Sikwese, A., and Mwape, L. 2011,  Stakeholders' perceptions of the main challenges facing Zambia’s mental health care system: a qualitative analysis. International Journal of Culture and Mental Health, The Mental Health and Poverty Research Programme Consortium (MHaPP) 4 (1), 39-53.
  • Ndhlovu, L., Serpell, R., and Mwanza, J. 2013, Effects of HIV status and Linguistic Medium on the Test Performance of Rural Low-Literacy Adults: Implications for Neuropsychological Test Development in Zambia, Medical Journal of Zambia. 40 (2) (2013): 69-79.
  • Nunkwe, E., Mwanza, J., Nzala, C., and Michelo., B 2013,  Childbearing and Family Planning Choices of Women Living With HIV and AIDS: The Lived Experiences. Medical Journal of Zambia, 40 (1), 7-12.
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