Roy M. Kalinda

Department of Gender Studies

Academic Qualifications:

  • BA, UNZA
  • MA, Institute of Development Studies, Sussex University


  • Roy Kalinda and Masauso Chirwa “Women’s participation in Key Decision making Institutions In Zambia: Case of three arms of government: The Legislature, Executive and the Judiciary” in Journal of Societal and Cultural Research Vol 1, No. 3, September 2015, ISSN: 2376-399X.
  • Kusanthan Thankian and Roy M. Kalinda “Demographic Perspectives on Gender Inequality: A comparative Study of Provinces in Zambia” in Research Academy of Social Sciences: Studies in Social Sciences and Humanities, Vol 3, no. 3, 2015, 139-146.
  • Roy Kalinda and Masauso Chirwa, “Challenges of the Elderly in Zambia: A systematic Review Study” in European Scientific Journal, January 2016, Vol 12, no. 2, ISSN 1857-7881.
  • Masauso Chirwa and Roy Kalinda “Responding to Gender based violence: A focus on Policy, Legal and Institutional Frameworks in Zambia” in Journal of Societal and Cultural Research, Vol 2. No. 1, August 2016, ISSN: 2376-399X.



Gender Based Research

  • October 2013—January 2014     Conducted research on “Women and Land in Some districts in Zambia for WLSA”, sponsored by HIVOS, Lusaka Zambia.
  • June 2012-2013          Gender Expert for the Environmental –Social Impact Assessment on Drainage Project in Some Peri-urban Areas in Lusaka urban; project Sponsored by Millennium Challenge Corporation/Millennium Challenge Account Zambia/USA,(project still ongoing).
  • October 2012              Co-Researcher: Gender knowledge and Attitudes for the GIZ workers; research sponsored by the GIZ; Lusaka.
  • August 2012                Gender and Social Impact Assessment expert for the Serenje-Mpika Road Project in Central and Muchinga Provinces; Project Sponsored by COMESA, Lusaka.
  • June 2011                    Gender Expert for the Environmental –Social Impact Assessment on Drainage Project in Some Peri-urban Areas in Lusaka urban; project Sponsored by Millennium Challenge Corporation/Millennium Challenge Account Zambia/USA,(project still ongoing).
  • June 2011Gender Expert for the Environmental –Social Impact Assessment on Water Supply Project in Some Peri-urban Areas in Lusaka urban;  project Sponsored by Millennium Challenge Corporation/Millennium Challenge Account Zambia/USA, .(project still ongoing).
  • January 2009                 Co-researcher:  Gender Audit of the Zambia National Farmers Union in Petauke, Katete, Solwezi, Mazabuka, Choma, Mpongwe, Chingola and Kapiri Mposhi. Funded by Zambia National Farmers Union, Lusaka.
  • May   2009                  Developed a Gender mainstreaming Manual for the Ministry of  Health in Zambia; Ministry of Health; Lusaka.
  • Feb 2009                       Co- consultant: Gender Survey on Participation in Decision- Making at diocese and community level in Kasama, Mpika and Mansa. Caritas Norway, Lusaka office.
  • November 2008                      As Co-consultant: Developing Modules on Gender Based Violence for RAPIDS, Lusaka.
  • September 2008                      Researcher: Conducted the Mid Term Review (gender section of the report) for the ministry of Health, Lusaka.
  • August 2008                            Co-researcher: Developed Strategy and Implementation Plan for Engendering the Public Service. Management Development Division of the Cabinet Office, Lusaka.
  • August - October 2007           Researcher:     Conducted a Situational Analysis of Girls’ education in Zambia: The Case of: Re-entry, completion and drop out-rates, study funded by FAWEZA, Lusaka.
  • July –September 2007            Researcher:     Conducted a Gender Equity and Equality Study at the University of Zambia, Study funded by the University of Zambia, Lusaka.
  • November-December 2006    Co-researcher:  Prepared a Gender Mainstreaming strategy for the Ministry of Tourism, Environment and Natural Resources, Study Funded by UNDP, Lusaka
  • December 2005                        Researcher: Gender and Pedagogy in some Teacher Training Colleges in Zambia, Study funded by USAID mission in USA.
  • April –June 2005                    Co-Researcher: “Gender and Education Strategy”, study funded by USAID in USA.
  • November 04-May2005          Consultant: “The gender Strategy in the Water and Sanitation Sector”, for Ministry of Local Government and Housing, study funded by Ministry of Local government and Housing in Lusaka.
  • July – August 2004                 Researcher: Conducted a research on “Gender gaps in the development activities of Kasama Diocese,” Kasama Parish, Kasama.
  •  May – September 2003           Co-researcher: conducted a study on “Gender Transform Research on the Copperbelt, Lusaka, Eastern and Southern Provinces of Zambia”, Study funded by Catholic Commission for Development.
  • July – October 2002                Co-Researcher: Conducted an “Evaluation of the Programme for the Advancement of girls Education (PAGE) in four districts of Southern Province” USAID funded study.
  • April – September 2002       Researcher: conducted a study on “Gender mainstreaming in environmental programmes and Policies, in Chongwe and Mfuwe”. Study fund funded project.
  • March 2001                             Researchers: “Monitored and Validated the programme for advancement of Girls Education in six provinces in Zambia”, Ministry of Education, Lusaka, Zambia.
  • January 2000                         Consultant: Gender Strategy for the Water and Sanitation Sector in Zambia”, Water Sector Reform Unit, Lusaka, Zambia.           
  • May-November 1999              Researcher: Conducted research on “Advancing Girls’ Education in Zambia: Baseline study of PAGE (programme for the Advancement of Girls’ Education) Implementation at National level”, ministry of Education, Lusaka, Zambia.
  • November 1999                      Consultant:  “Gender Training Kit” for the Ministry of Agriculture Food and Fisheries, (MAFF), Lusaka, Zambia.
  • August - Dec. 1999                 Researcher: conducted research on “Gender Mainstreaming in the work activities of WFP”(World Food Programme), WFP Funded Project, Lusaka, Zambia.
  • Dec 1998 - March 1999:         Consultant: “Mainstreamed Gender in the Work plans for the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Fisheries”, UNDP sponsored project in Lusaka, Zambia.                                       
  • January - June 1998                Consultant: “Gender Strategy and Tools for Operationalising SIDA’s Action Programme in the context of Development cooperation in Zambia”, Study funded by the Embassy of Sweden in Lusaka, Zambia.
  • November 1997 - July 1998   Co-researcher: conducted an “Evaluation of the Impact of Bringing Beijing Back to Zambia Week Activities of 1996”, Study funded by Irish Embassy and UNDP in Zambia.
  • July 1996                                Consultant: Prepared a“Directory of Gender, Development Activities and Funding Agencies”, Activity sponsored by the Royal Netherlands             Embassy in Lusaka, Zambia.
  • June  - August 1995                Researcher: Conducted a study on“Poverty Assessment and Gender Relations in Urban Zambia”, M.A. Dissertation, Institute of Development Studies at Sussex University, England.
  • November - December 1992  Researcher: Conducted a study on “Copying strategies of Female Headed Households during the 1992 drought in rural areas in Mongu, Kalomo, Katete,             Lusaka and Luangwa”.  Project sponsored by NORAD and SAREC, Zambia.

Other Research Conducted

  • November 2011:         As Co-researcher; Conducted an Evaluation of the “Social Economic Empowerment of Marginalised Rural Communities in Southern Province in Zambia (SEEZ)”; project funded by Women for Change; Lusaka.
  • July—August 2011:          Conducted a research in rural Water Supply in Eastern Province; (In all the districts except Chama), project funded by JBG, Lusaka.
  • March 2011-April 2011         Conducted Environmental Impact assessment in Kitwe, Kalulushi and Chambishi on the Copper belt; Study funded by Gaufff Engineering. Lusaka.
  • September 2010            Conducted Social Impact Assessment for Senanga-Sesheke road, in Western Province, Study funded by RDA, Lusaka. 
  • May 2010                       Conducted Social Impact Assessment for Kapiri Glass Factory in Kapiri   Mposhi, Study funded by Chimsoro Company, Kapiri Mposhi.     
  • January to March 2010       As a core consultant:      Conducted a Gender Audit for the ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives, funded by UNDP, Lusaka.
  • October    2009           Editing the National Action Plan against Gender Based Violence (still   going on), GIDD sponsored activity, Lusaka.
  • September 2009                As a Socio-economic expert:  Conducted Environmental and Social     Baseline Survey along the proposed Mongu-Senanga- Sesheke road corridor. Study funded by Dannida, Lusaka
  • April 2008                               Researcher: The Social Impact assessment of Chanyanya irrigation Scheme in Kafue rural.
  • August - October 2007           Co-Researcher: The impact assessment of dam construction in Mkushi district, study funded by the Mkushi commercial farmers, Mkushi. 
  • Sept. – Nov. 2003                   Researcher: “Zambia’s Millennium Development goals”, Ministry of Finance, UNDP, and Lusaka.
  • February - March 1997           Research: Conducted a study “Basic Rights in Some Rural Communities in Zambia”,              funded by Women for Change (NGO) in Lusaka, Zambia.
  • Dec 1995 - January 1996        Researcher: Conducted a study on “Water and Sanitation in Eastern Province”, sponsored by Gauff Engineering Co. in Lusaka, Zambia.
  • May - July 1990                      Researcher:  Conducted research “Causes of Strikes among University of Zambia non      academic members of staff”, Mandatory fourth year project in S 420 in Sociology, University of Zambia, Zambia.
  • May - June 1988                     Researcher: Conducted research on “Determinants of Friendship patterns among University of Zambia Academic members of Staff”, Compulsory Research Course project in SS 240, University of Zambia, Lusaka, Zambia.
  • March - April 1994                 As research assistant “Impact of SAP (Structural Adjustment Programme) on Small Scale Enterprises in Lusaka, Ndola, and Kitwe; World Bank Funded Project, Zambia.
  • July - August 1996                   Consultant: Conducted an “Evaluation of Food Relief Programmes in Eastern, Southern and Western Provinces in Zambia”, World Bank Project, Unpublished material.
  • November 2010      Made a presentation on Participatory Qualitative Monitoring and Evaluation methods in projects, during as short term certificate training programme held by the Division of Demography at UNZA, Lusaka.                  
  • May 2010                        Made a presentation on Participatory Qualitative Monitoring and Evaluation methods in projects, during as short term certificate training programme held by the Division of Demography at UNZA, Lusaka. 
  • April 2008                   Presented a paper on Participatory Monitoring and Evaluation methods in projects, at a training workshop at UNZA, School of Veterinary Medicine.
  • December 2007           Presented a paper on Participatory Qualitative Monitoring and Evaluation methods in projects, at a training workshop held by the Division of Demography at UNZA.
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