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Our research is focused on movement science, pharmaceutical sciences, particularly drug discovery from local herbs, Molecular epidemiology of human and animal disease causing pathogens, host-pathogen interactions and the soon to be introduced forensic sciences. We are number one for research in Zambia. The university’s location in the nation’s capital provides unparalleled opportunities for learning at leading scientific centres and institutes as well as top health policy think tanks and researchers. We are always looking for ways to apply our research to meet Zambia’s health challenges.

Department Projects and Publications


Journal of Preventive and Rehabilitative Medicine

Editorial Secretary:

Dilla Goma


  1. Kinkese D. P, Ndashe K, Macwan'gi M, Toure O, Kangwa E, Hang'ombe B. M. Microbial Safety of Household Drinking Water Used During Weaning of Children Aged 6-24 Months in Lusaka District, Zambia. Journal of Preventive and Rehabilitative Medicine. 2018; 1(1): 63-74.
  2. Ampiah P. K, Quartey J, Kwakye S. K. Knowledge of Stroke among Hypertensive-Diabetic Patients at the National Diabetes Management and Research Centre of Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital in Ghana. Journal of Preventive and Rehabilitative Medicine. 2018; 1(1): 46-62.
  3. Phiri S.B, Goma F.M, Mulenga L, Sitali M.C, Mukonchi. Effects of Antiretroviral Therapy (Tenofovir/Lamivudine/Efavirenz) on Arterial Stiffness in Black African HIV-1 Infected Men. 
  4. Contamination of Complementary Weaning Foods for Children with Escherichia Coli and Salmonella species in Lusaka District, Zambia. Kinkese M. K, Hang’ombe M. B, Toure O, Kinkese T, Kangwa E.
  5. An Assessment of the Quality and Mircrobiological Quality of Domestic Water Supplied to Residents of Peri-Urban Townships of Lusaka District, Zambia. Silavwe L. M, Ndashe K, Mulwanda E, Mbewe A, Sikateyo B.
  6. Ethnobotanical Survey of Medical Plants Used in Treatment of Diabetes in Chipulukusu Compound, Ndola District, Zambia. Muyenga T. A, Musonda D, Chigunta M.
  7. Ethnobotanical Servey of Medicl Plants Used in Treatment of Diabetes in Chipulukusu Compound, Ndola District, Zambia. Tumelo Akapelwa Muyenga, Delilah Musonda, Michael Chigunta.
  8. An Assessment of the Quantity and Microbiological Qality of Domestic Water Supplied to Residents of Peri-Urban Townships of Lusaka District, Zambia. Lillian Mutesu Silavwe, Kunda Ndashe, Edgar Mulwanda, Allan Mbewe, Bornwell Sikateyo.
  9. Contamination of Complementary Weaning Foods for Children with Escherichia coli and Salmonella species in Lusaka District, Zambia. Delphin Mwisha Kinkese, Mudenda Bernard Hang’ombe, Ousmane Toure, Theresa Kinkese and Evans Kangwa
  10. Profiling Children with Neural Tube Defects at the University Teaching Hospital, Lusaka, Zambia. Micah Simpamba, Margaret M. Mweshi and Patricia M. Struthers
  11. Measles Viruses in Zambia: A Review on Circulating Wild-type Genotypes, Complications with Human Immunodeficiency Virus and Control (2006-2016). Kunda Ndashe, Samuel Munjita, Novan Tembo, Sody Musanka, Bernadette Mumba
  12. Mircobiological Assessment of Borehole Water in Libala South, Lusaka District, Zambia. Annie Nakaonga, Kunda Ndashe, Kennedy Chishimba, Lillian Mutesu Silavwe, Sumbukeni Kowa,Bernadette Mumba
  13. Socio-economic and Socio-cultural Factors Affecting Malaria Control Interventions in Zambia: A Survey of Milenge District, Luapula Province. Ellah Zingani, Given Mtonga, Aubrey Chichonyi Kalungia, Moses Mukosha, Alefa Banda
  14. Evaluation of Training and Implementation Program for Community - Based Child Growth Monitors and Promoters in Zambia. Caroline Zulu, Charles Michelo , Catherine Ngoma
  15. Perceptions of HIV and AIDS Preventive Interventions and their Impact on Behavioural Change in Young People in Matero Township of Lusaka, Zambia. Delphin Mwisha Kinkese, Evans Kangwa and Lisa Wegner
  16. Prevalence of Traditional Herbal Medicine Use and associated factors among pregnant women of Lusaka Province, Zambia. Sylvia Maluma, Aubrey C. Kalungia, Audrey Hamachila, Jimmy Hangoma, Derick Munkombwe
  17. An Evaluation of the Attutiude of Physiotherapy Students towards Managing Children with Disabilities in Lusaka, Zambia. Patricia M. Ndhlovu, Margaret M. Mweshi, Micah Simpamba, Loveness Nkhata, Olipa Zulu
  18. Translating Cancer Research into Evidence Based Practice: A Research Experience Commentary. Stephen R Samuel, Dr. Arun G Maiya, Prof. Donald J Fernandes
  19. Reliability of Physical Examination, Diagnosis and Treatment of Low-Back Pain by Physiotherapy Practitioners in Some Selected Hospitals in Zambia. Aggrey Musanu, Margaret M. Mweshi, Moses Mwango
  20. Identification of Ethical Issues Encountered By Physiotherapy Practitioners in Managing Patients With Low Back Pain at Two Major Hospitals in Lusaka, Zambia. Kangwa Mubanga Chileshe,*, Esther Munalula-Nkandu, Hastings Shula, Loveness A. Nkhata, Micah Simpamba
  21. Normal Position of the Cerebellar Tonsils in Relation to the Anteroposterior Diameter of the Foramen Magnum in Individuals of Different age groups: The Zambian Experience. Patience N. Buumba, Moono Silitongo, Hilda Zulu, Dailesi Ndhlovu, Boyd Mudenda, Krikor Erzingastian
  22. Anatomical Variations of the Circle of Willis as seen at the University Teaching Hospital, Lusaka, Zambia. Hilda Zulu, Patience N. Buumba, Moono Silitongo, Krikor Erzingastian, Boyd Mudenda
  23. Review on Effects of Ergonomic Interventions for Nurses on Function, Neuro-Muscular Pain and Quality of Life. Loveness A. Nkhata, Quinnette Louw, Yolandi Brink, Margaret M. Mweshi
  24. Psychological Distress During the Perinatal Period: Using Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale (EPDS) General Health Questionnaire (GHQ-12) and the Study Specific Measure of Perinatal Distress (SSMPD) on a Zambian Cohort. Lonia Mwape, Patricia Katowa-Mukwato, Prudencia Mweemba
  25. Use of the ICF in Measuring Performance of Basic Activities of Daily Living in People living with HIV/AIDS in Two Selected Home Based Care Programmes in Lusaka, Zambia. Billiat Chongo, Moses Mwango, Margaret M. Mweshi, Martha Banda - Chalwe
  26. Zika Virus and Congenital Microcephaly in Zambia, What are the Chances?. Kunda Ndashe, Nova Nalondwa, Oswell Khondowe, Samuel Munjita
  27. Attitude to Exercise in Pregnant Women Attending Antenatal Care at the University Teaching Hospital in Lusaka, Zambia. Loveness A. Nkhata , Esther M. Nkandu, Hastings K. Shula, Margaret M. Mweshi
  28. The Best Time to Start Stroke Rehabilitation: A Review of the Evidence in Resource - Adequate and Resource Constrained Settings. Margaret M. Mweshi 1 , Hastings K. Shula 1 , Loveness A . Nkhata 1 , Brian Chiluba 2
  29. Patient's Satisfaction with Outpatient Pharmacy Services at t he University Teaching Hospital and Ndola Central Hospital in Zambia. Aubrey C. Kalungia, Tamara Kamanga
  30. Zika_Virus: Why Should We Care? What Do We Do About It?. Sody M. Munsaka

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