Dr R. Rajan

Department of Physics
Head of Department
Lecturer I

Dr Rekha Rajan is a lecturer and researcher in the Department of Physics, School of natural Sciences at the University of Zambia . She joined the university in 2003 and since then taught a variety of courses to both undergraduate and postgraduate students. She is also a supervisor to many undergraduate and post-graduate students. She is a member of the Energy and Environment Research Group (EERG) and Solar Energy Centre (SEC) at the University of Zambia.



Membership of professional bodies

Organization for Women in Science for the Developing World (OWSD)

Institute of Physics (IoP)

Research Interests

Solar Energy – Applications of solar energy, rural electrification through solar energy, training;

Atmospheric physics and climate change:-  Aerosols,  Remote sensing of the atmosphere using Lidar


Selected Scientific Publications

1.     Rekha Rajan and Reccab Ochieng Manyala, Effectiveness of Moodle in the learning of Introductory Physics during COVID-19 pandemic: a case study at the University of Zambia, International Journal of Innovative Science and Research Technology, 23-28, Vol. 6, 2021.


2.     Ryan Chola , Phebby Kasimba , Rini Gorge , Rekha Rajan, COVID-19 and E-learning: Perception of freshmen level Physics students at Lusaka Apex Medical University, International Journal of Academic Research and Development, 67-76, Vol.5,  2020.


3.     M.Mwewa, R. Rajan, A.Zulu and H. V. Mweene, Construction of a centralized microprocessor-based smart metering system with optimized scheduling of energy usage, Journal of Natural and Applied Sciences, 4-8, Vol.22, 2013.


4.     Nair, P. R., K. Parameswaran, S. V. Sunilkumar and R. Rajan, Continental influence on the spatial distribution of particulate loading over the Indian Ocean during winter season, Journal of Atmospheric and Solar-Terrestrial Physics, 66, 27-38, 2004.


5.     Prabha R nair, K. parameswaran, S.V. Sunil Kumar, Rekha Rajan, Advection of continental aerosols over to the Arabian sea and Indian ocean regions during winter, Journal of Atmospheric and Solar-Terrestrial Physics, Vol.66, 2004.


6.     Prabha R. Nair, Rekha Rajan, K. Parameswaran, Annamma Abraham, Salu Jacob,  Chemical composition of aerosol particles over the Arabian sea and Indian ocean regions during the INDOEX (ffp-98) cruise-preliminary results, Current Science, Vol. 80, 2001.

7.     K. Parameswaran, Prabha R. Nair, Rekha Rajan, Aerosol loading in the atmospheric boundary layer at Trivandrum coast and in the adjoining oceanic environments during the ffp and ifp of the INDOEX, Current Science, Vol 80, 2001.


8.     K. Parameswaran, Prabha R. Nair, Rekha Rajan, D. Balasubrahmanyam , Spatial distribution of aerosol concentrations over the Arabian sea and the Indian ocean during IFP of INDOEX, current science, Vol.80, 2001.


9.     K. Parameswaran, Prabha R. Nair, Rekha Rajan, Aerosol mass loading over Arabian sea and Indian ocean during Indoex, Journal of Geophysical Research, vol.6, 2000.


10.  K. Parameswaran, Rekha Rajan, An analytical model for the altitude variation of aerosol number densities in the coastal atmospheric boundary layer, Journal of Atmospheric and Solar-terrestrial Physics, vol.61, 1999.


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13.  K. Parameswaran, Rekha Rajan, G. Vijayakumar, K. Rajeev, K. Krishna Moorthy, Prabha R. Nair, S. K. Satheesh, Seasonal and long-term variations of aerosol content in the atmospheric mixing region at a tropical station in the Arabian sea coast, Journal of Atmospheric and Solar terrestrial physics, vol. 60, 1998.


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