Dr G. Chanda

Department of Physics
Lecturer II

Geoffrey Chanda is a lecturer of Physics at the University of Zambia. Prior to being a lecturer at the University of Zambia, he saved in various institutions such

·         Ministry of Education  from 1999 to 2006, as Physics and Chemistry Teacher.

·         Konkola Copper mine from 2007 to 2008, as Management Trainee.

·         Technical University of Dresden from 2011 to 2014, as research assistant.

·         Helmholtz Zentrum Dresden Rossendorf  from  2014 to 2016, as a Postdoc researcher .

Research Interests

Strongly correlated materials, Optics, superconductivity



·         D. Wu, G. Chanda, H. S. Jeevan, P. Gegenwart, M. Dressel : Optical investigations of the chemical pressurized EuFe2(As1-xPx)2: an s-wave superconductor with strong interband interaction s, PRB 83, 100503(R) (2011).

·         G. Chanda R. P. S. M. Lobo, E. Schachinger, J. Wosnitza, M. Naito, and A. V. Pronin:  Optical study of superconducting Pr2CuOx  with x» 4, PRB 90, 024503 (2014).

·         E. Schachinger,  G. Chanda, R. P. S. M. Lobo, M. Naito, and A. V. Pronin: Eliashberg analysis of the optical conductivity in superconducting Pr2CuOx  with x» 4, J. Phys. Condens. Matter 27, 045702 (2015).

·         R. P. S. M. Lobo, G. Chanda, A. V. Pronin, J. Wosnitza, and S. Kasahara, T. Shibauchi, and Y. Matsuda: Optical conductivity evidence of clean-limit superconductivity in LiFeAs, PRB 91, 174509 (2015).

·         A. Gambardella, M. Bianchi, S. Kaciulis, A. Mezzi, M. Brucale, M. Cavallini, T. Herrmannsdoerfer, G. Chanda, M. Uhlarz, M. Marcaccia, and A. Russoa: Magnetic hydroxyapatite coatings as a new tool in medicine: a scanning probe investigation, Materials Science and Engineering C (In Press, Accepted Manuscript) (2016).

·         A. Orlova, E. L. Green, J. M. Law, D. I. Gorbunov, G. Chanda, S. Krämer, M. Horvatic, R. K. Kremer, J. Wosnitza, and G. L. J. A. Rikken: Nuclear magnetic resonance signature of the spin-Nematic phase in LiCuVO4 at high magnetic fields, Physical Review Lett. 118, 247201 (2017).

Contact Details
email: geoffrey.chanda@unza.zm