Institute of Economic and Social Research

The Institute of Economic and Social Research (INESOR) is a center for social Science Research of the University of Zambia (UNZA). The Vision of the Institute is to be a leader and centre of excellence for social science research and scholarly programs which are relevant to the development of society. INESOR contributes to knowledge and evidence for policy and program formulation and implementation through basic and applied research. The Institute provides social scientists with an inspiring intellectual environment that promotes interdisciplinary and international research collaboration and academic freedom.

The Institute has six  thematic areas namely: Agriculture and Rural Development;  Economic and Business; Governance; Health Promotions; Socio-Culture and Urban Research Programmes. Each of the research programs has a wide range of focus thematic areas and contributes to resolving contemporary issues affecting development of society.  INESOR contributes to public debates on priority development issues by providing evidence from research through dissemination activities and engagement of key stakeholders at local, national and global levels using different media.  

To strengthen the link between academia and industry, INESOR implements applied research that has both policy and programmatic linkages and works with government ministries and non-governmental organisations to strengthen their monitoring, evaluation and research capacity. The Institute has been a partner of choice in designing both studies and interventions and has worked with different stakeholders in diverse domains. INESOR disseminates its research findings through academic and non-academic platforms to ensure that all relevant stakeholders are reached.

Society’s problems are ever evolving and require well thought-out policy and program responses. INESOR has established itself as a prime knowledge generation hub and reference point for national and regional policy advice.


Joseph Simbaya (PhD)