Duration of programme:
Two (2) years or four (4) Semesters

Course Outline

Year 1: Semester 2

  • Organisation & Administration of Primary & Secondary Education
  • Measurement and Evaluation
  • Politics of Education
  • Research Methods Statistics

Year 2: Semester 1

  • Educational Planning
  • Theory and Practice of Project Evaluation
  • Management and Information Systems
  • Organizational Behaviour in Education
  • Comparative Education
  • Dissertation

Year 2: Semester 2

  • Financial Management in Education
  • Strategic Management in Education
  • Dissertation
  • Electives (select one only):
  • Conflict Resolution Issues Strategies
  • Legal Perspectives in Education


  • Relevant Bachelor’s degree with minimum credit from a recognized institution, OR,
  • Relevant Bachelor’s degree with a minimum pass and a minimum of 4 years post-qualifying experience, from UNZA, CBU or Mulungushi University
  • The candidate in i) or ii) must be occupying a management or leadership position such as Senor Education Officers, Education officers/Inspectors, Heads, Deputy Heads, Teachers in-charge, Heads of Departments, Lecturers, Senior Lecturers, College Principals, etc.
  Course Code Unit Price (KMW)
Organisation Development in Education MDEA 501 2,000.00
Supervision of Education Personnel MDEA 502 2,000.00
Education Planning MDEA 503 2,000.00
Policy Analysis, Implementation and Evaluation MDEA 504 2,000.00
Theory, Practice and Project Evaluation MDEA 505 2,000.00
Organisation and Administration of Primary and Secondary Education MDEA 506 2,000.00
Economics of Education MDEA 508 2,000.00
Measurement and Evaluation MDEA 509 2,000.00
Politics of Education MDEA 511 2,000.00
Management of Information System MDEA 512 2,000.00
Financial Management in Education MDEA 513 2,000.00
Conflict Resolution Issues Strategies MDEA 515 2,000.00
Organisational Behaviour in Education MDEA 518 2,000.00
Strategic Management in Education MDEA 519 2,000.00
Comparative Education MDEA 520 2,000.00
Legal Perspective in Education MDEA 523 2,000.00
Research Methods and Statistics MDEA 560 2,000.00
Dissertation MDEA 570 2,000.00

Repeat courses at 60%

Other Fees

  Code Amount
Registration K40.00 50.00
Examination K100.00 100.00
Medical K45.00 50.00
Caution Fee K87.5 100.00
Internet Connectivity K27.50 30.00
Records Card K50.00 50.00
Maintenance and Rehabilitation K35.00 40.00
Student Union K 40.00 40.00
Library  K 10.00 10.00

Use the following steps to apply

  1. Visit the Institute of Distance Education website by typing ide.unza.zm in your web browser (mozila, chrome,internet explorer etc.)
  2. For Undergraduate Students: On your left hand side locate and click on “Online application(Undergraduate)” under the heading “Online Services”. For Post graduate Students: On your left hand side locate and click on “Online application(Postgraduate”) under the heading “Online Services
  3. Select the term you want to apply for (eg. 2018, 2019 etc.)
  4. Select the program you wish to apply for (eg. Bachelor of Accounting and Finance, Master of Business Administration etc.)
  5. Fill in the form with the information required (e.g name, address, educational background etc.)
  6. Note: all mandatory fields are marked with an asterisk(*) and these should all be filled in.
  7. Scan and upload softcopy documents (previous education(Grade 12, Diploma or Degree), certifications, NRC, etc.) under the section with the heading “Upload Academic Documents”
  8. Click on the “Save and Proceed” button to submit the Application form
  9. Your application has now been submitted for approval, take note of the application number.
  10. Print the billmaster form by clicking on “Print ZANACO Deposit Form” and make payment at your nearest ZANACO branch.

Application for Undergraduate Programmes: A non-refundable fee of K150 should be deposited in our ZANACO Account No. 0382200300177, Branch: Cairo Business Centre
Application for Postgraduate Programmes: A non-refundable fee of K150 should be deposited in our ZANACO Account No. 0382200300379, Branch: Cairo Business Centre
NOTE 1: Feedback on your application will be sent to your email. If you do not receive any feedback, contact the IDE Registry by sending an email to “registry@ide.unza.zm” or calling +260978772249.

NOTE 2: In case of any problems kindly contact IDE on the following numbers IDE OFFICE: 0978772249 IDE CUSTOMER CARE: 0978772248. You may also go to any of our Provincial Centres to seek assistance from our staff stationed there to attend to your queries.