Robert Tembo

Department of Social Work and Sociology
Senior Lecturer

Academic Qualifications:



  • Robert Tembo is a Senior Lecturer/Researcher and former Head of the Department in Social Work and Sociology at the University of Zambia. His research interests include health issues, particularly HIV/AIDS, social protection, gender, and child welfare issues. He has over 20 years work experience in a wide range of research activities. These include social policy analysis, as well as institutional and program evaluation. Mr. Tembo has conducted consultancies for various clientele in Zambia and abroad such as Commonwealth Youth Programme, IDRC, SIDA, USAID, UNICEF, UNDP UNFPA, WHO and the World Bank. He has also published in international journals and books particularly on HIV/AIDS in Zambia.


Research Interests
  • Health Issues, particularly HIV/AIDS and Health Implementation Research,
  • Social Protection
  • Gender
  • Child Welfare Issues

Research Experience       

  • Principal Researcher, Drug and Alcohol Abuse in Zambian Workplaces, funded by ILO and Drug Enforcement Commission, 1994.
  • Co-Researcher, An Evaluation of the Women and Law in Southern Africa Trust (WLSA), funded by WLSA and SIDA, 1994.
  • Principal Researcher, Human Resource Development and Training in relation to HIV/AIDS in the formal sector, funded by Morehouse School of Medicine/USAID, 1994.
  • Co-Researcher, Environmentally-related diseases in Zambian Schools funded by World Bank/Zambia Educational Rehabilitation Project (ZERP), 1995.
  • Co-Researcher, Evaluation of the Zambia Red Cross Street Kids Drop-in-Centre, funded by Zambia Red Cross Society, 1995.
  • Co-Researcher, Integrating Health and Family Life Education and Income Generation for Out-of-School Youth, funded by UNFPA, 1996.
  • Co-Researcher, An analysis of the state and nature of social policy and social policy research in Zambia, funded by IDRC, Canada, 1996.
  • Principal Researcher, Changing Institutional arrangements under Social Policy Reform in Zambia: the case of Health Reforms, funded by IDRC, Canada, 1998.
  • Co-Researcher, Post-privatization Impact Assessment (Social impact component), funded by World Bank, Ministry of Finance and Zambia Privatization Agency, 1999.
  • Principal Researcher, Survey of Street Children in Six Cities of Africa, funded by Commonwealth Youth Programme, Africa Centre, 1999.
  • Co-Researcher, An Evaluation of Women Empowerment projects, funded by German Development Agency, GTZ, 1999.
  • Co-Researcher, An Evaluation of the UNDP -supported HIV/AIDS Sector programme, funded by UNDP, 2001.
  • Principal-Researcher, An Evaluation of the Child Care Upgrading Programme (CCUP), funded by UNICEF, 2002.
  • Principal-Researcher, Institutional and Community response to HIV/AIDS Prevention and Control among Street Children in Zambia, Funded by the Study Fund Project, ZAMSIF, 2004.
  • Co-Researcher, Beneficiary Assessment of the Malawi Social Action Fund (MASAF), funded by World Bank (Malawi), 2003.
  • Principal Researcher, Baseline Study of Child Domestic Workers in Zambia, funded by ILO-IPEC, 2004.
  • Co-Researcher, Poverty Vulnerability of Rural Households, funded by DFID, 2004.
  • Co-Researcher, PLACE(HIV/AIDS) study of Mongu District ,funded by MEASURE evaluation,USA,2004
  • Co-Researcher, The Impact of HIV/AIDS on Marriage Patterns, Customs and Practices in Mansa District of Zambia, funded by the Organization for Social science Research in Eastern and Southern Africa (OSSREA), 2005.
  • Co-Researcher, The Qualitative Assessment of the extended Family in the care of Orphans in Zambia, study funded by DFID, UNICEF, and USAID, 2004. ( Part of the studies on the Situational Analysis of OVC in Zambia)
  • Principal Researcher, An evaluation of the Catholic Relief Services (CRS)–SUCCESS programme, 2005.Funded by CRS.
  • Co-Researcher, Understanding the Dynamics Family Planning and HIV/AIDS at Community level  in Zambia, funded by John Hopkins University School of Public Health and Health Communication Partnership(HCP) ,2005
  • Co-Researcher, Sustainable Livelihoods and Social Protection in Zambia, funded by Ministry of Community Development and Social Services, 2007.
  • Principal-Researcher, Institutional Response to HIV/AIDS Prevention and Control among Children Engaged in Child Labour: The Case of  Lusaka, funded by Ministry of  Finance and National Planning under the social funds project, 2007
  • Co-Researcher, Measuring Community  Capacity Study, funded by John Hopkins University School of Public Health and Health Communication Partnership(HCP) 2007-2008
  • Principal Researcher, Extent and Impact of  Child marriages in Zambia, funded by Plan International Zambia, 2008
  • Principal Researcher, Extent and Impact of Child  Cattle heading in Chadiza district, funded by Plan International  Zambia, 2008
  • Principal Researcher, Final Evaluation of Medical  Injection Safety Project(MISP),Funded by Chemonics International, JHPIEGO and the MANOFF group,2009
  • Principal Researcher, Situational analysis of CD4 behavioral studies and surveys, with UNICEF, 2009
  • Principal Researcher, Handbook on Mobile Populations and HIV/AIDS in Zambia, Funded by International Organisation of Migration(IOM) and CHAMP,2010
  • Principal Consultant ,Evaluation of training programmes for Judiciary Staff, for Ministry of Justice,2011
  • Principal Researcher, Mid-term evaluation of Fifth National Development Plan(Community Engagement Component), Ministry of Finance and NationalPlanning,2014
  • Principal Researcher, Evaluation of Male circumcision for Health  policy: A Contextual Interaction Perspective, funded by World Health Organization(WHO)-Geneva, 2013-2015


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