Department of Mathematics & Statistics

The Department of Mathematics and Statistics, previously the Department of Mathematics, changed its name to reflect a change in its degree programs when it added a new program leading to a degree in Statistics. The Department foresaw the need for a statistical degree program as far back as 1988, and it is in that year, that work on the extension of the degree options commenced.

The extension of the degree programs has enabled the Department to offer courses in both pure mathematics and statistics. Pure mathematics is characterized by mathematical rigor in looking at concepts, theories and results. Mathematicians in pure mathematics often employ ‘abstract thinking’ in studying ‘space’ and ‘numbers’. Statistics, on the other hand, is a branch of applied mathematics which deals with decision making based on data, that is, it deals with real-life situations. It is mathematical in nature, consequently, certain branches of statistics have characteristics of pure mathematics. The statistical courses offered by the Department have been popular with students from the School of Humanities and Social Sciences and the School of Education.

The Department also offers a postgraduate diploma programme as well as a bachelor of science degree programme in actuarial science.

Exemption Agreement

The Department of Mathematics and Statistics has an exemption agreement with the Actuarial Profession (UK)  for students who score an average of 60% or more in the following courses:-

  • M261 - Introduction to Statistics
  • M292 - Introduction to Probability
  • M361 - Mathematical Statistics

This means that a student who obtains a B or better in the above courses will be exempted from the Actuarial Profession's course CT3 - Probability and Mathematical Statistics

Undergraduate Programmes in the Department

Postgraduate Programmes in the Department