Computer Science

The Department of Computer Studies is one of the six departments in the School of Natural Sciences. The department was established in September 1998 with the financial aid of the Belgian Government through the VLIR-UNZA IUC Programme. Funding through the programme included infrastructure development/refurbishment and provision of IT equipment. The Department has fully furbished offices, a conference room, two laboratories with networked computers, and a lecture room.

Computer science

The first phase of the VLIR-UNZA IUC Programme, which started in 1998 lasted for a period of 5 years ending in 2003. Funding for the second phase was approved for a further 5-year period. It was expected that this would give sufficient time for the department to prepare itself for self-sufficiency both in terms of staff and other resources.

The department was launched with a postgraduate diploma programme in Computer Studies. The first intake of students completed their studies in December 1999 and four students graduated at the next graduation ceremony.

In August 2000, the department admitted its first batch of students to a BSc. degree in Computer Science. The selection was made from those students who had completed their first year in the School of Natural Sciences.

Those with equivalent qualifications such as 'A' levels in Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry are considered for direct entry. This mode of selection for the Bs.C program still stands today.

Computer scienceDepartment Objectives

To provide an academic, research, and training environment whose standards match those of recognised institutions of computer studies elsewhere.
To furnish this country with the computer skills and professional expertise necessary for national development.
Program Offering

The department is currently offering programs at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. At the undergraduate level, the main program offered is Bachelor of Science in Computer Science while at the Postgraduate level, the department is currently offering the Postgraduate Diploma in Computer Science. Plans are underway to introduce Master programs. The department is also a CISCO Networking Academy and offers short courses in CCNA and IT Essentials.

Undergraduate Programmes in the Department

Postgraduate Programmes in the Department

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