Department of Religious Studies

Photo of Dr. Hambulo
Dr. F. Hambulo
Head of Department

The Department of Religious Studies (DRS) is one of the departments that constitute the School of Education. It began as a section of the Department of Language and Social Sciences Education in 1985. In 2010, the section was transformed into a full-fledged department.

The mission of the department is to contribute to the development of competent human resources for Zambia and beyond through the academic study of religion and research. Therefore, Its main mandate is to provide teacher education, produce graduate teachers of religious education, provide quality assurance in colleges of education, and offer expertise on religion in national affairs. It also provides guidance/consultancy services on religious issues and religious education. The department further engages local and international society through seminars, workshops and conferences.

Undergraduate Religious Studies courses are offered to students enrolled in the following programmes: Bachelor of Arts with Education, Bachelor of Education (Secondary), Bachelor of Education (Primary), Bachelor of Education in Special Education, Bachelor of Education in Education Management, Bachelor of Education in Sociology of Education, Bachelor of Education in Psychology of Education and Bachelor of Education in Adult Education. Students can take Religious Studies as their major or minor. Additionally, the department is hosting an undergraduate degree programme in Zambian Cultures and Ceremonies.  At postgraduate level, the department also offers masters (taught) and doctoral (by research) programmes in Religious Studies.

The department’s framework is a critical, academic and scientific study of religion but with empathy and openness.

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