Department of Primary Education

Photo of Dr. Mambwe
Dr. R.M. Mambwe
Head of Department

The Department of Primary Education was constituted in May 2007 after the Senate and University Council approval in 2006.  The department’s mission statement is to provide academic and professional university education to personnel who are destined to work in the primary education sector through teaching, research and community service.  Specifically, the functions of the Department are as follows:

  1. Providing initial and on-going teacher education by enabling primary school teachers to specialise in two teaching subjects plus education to a large degree.
  2. Mounting bachelor's degree programmes for primary teachers.
  3. Offering postgraduate degree programmes for specialised professional training and research in primary education.
  4. Conducting quality research that is relevant to the needs and programmes of primary education.
  5. Training of lecturers for working in primary colleges of education.
  6. Training educational personnel to contribute to primary education in curriculum development, inspection and supervision, and evaluation and assessment.
  7. Conducting short duration courses in primary education as need arises.
  8. Establishing institutional links with relevant national, regional and international organisations in the area of primary education.
  9. Collecting, documenting and maintaining research reports and other publications in Primary education both local and international.

Undergraduate Programmes in the Department

Postgraduate Programmes in the Department

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