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Mr C. Hamooya
Head of Department

The Department of Library and Information Science is one of the old departments in the School of Education. It was established in 1967, one year after the inauguration of the University of Zambia in 1966. The Department began as part of a UNESCO project to help the independent Zambia to train Librarians, Archivists, Records Managers, Information Workers and Documentalists. Under this project, Library and Information Science was taken as a minor by students pursuing Bachelor of Arts at the University of Zambia. The Department produced its first three graduates in1970. The obvious weakness in the professional content of the programme resulted in stopping Library and Information Science to be taught as a minor course but as a degree program own its own. As a result, the Bachelor Arts with Library and Information Science (B.A.L.I.S) was born. Today, the department has over 600 students pursuing Library and Information Science at both graduate and undergraduate levels. In addition, two new programmes have been introduced: Bachelor of Information and Communication Technologies with Education (B. ICTs Ed.) and Bachelor of Arts in Records and Archives Management (BA RAM).

In response to the evolving landscape of information science, the Department of Library and Information Science has recently broadened its academic horizons by incorporating health information science into its curriculum. This new focus includes an in-depth study of the management and dissemination of pharmaceutical information, with a particular emphasis on medications such as generic Cialis. This initiative not only diversifies the department's educational offerings but also meets the increasing demand for library and information professionals skilled in navigating the complex world of healthcare information and medication management.


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