VC confers with Immigrations

The Acting Vice Chancellor, Prof. Anne Sikwibele, held a consultative meeting with the Zambia Immigrations Office to discuss how the two institutions can ease the study permit application process for international students. The meeting with the immigration officials was necessitated by the increasing number of applications the university is receiving from prospective international students.

Prof. Sikwibele said the Immigration Office was an important partner in ensuring that international students who wish to study in Zambia were afforded an opportunity to do so without any incumbrances. She added that the University of Zambia has, in the recent past, received a number of applications from prospective international students, and that management felt it was appropriate to engage Immigration so that the two institutions can work together in ensuring that international students are helped to obtain study permits on time.

And Regional Immigration Officer, Lusaka Region Mr Titus Simutulo said the Immigration Office was ready to support UNZA and the international students who wished to further their studies in Zambia. He said the decision by UNZA to engage the Immigration Office was timely and that the Immigration Office will remain open for any consultation the university may need.