At the centre of its activities, the Library’s vision is to have in place a favourable environment appropriate to providing an efficient, timely and user-tailored service. This conducive environment includes: 

  • Providing adequate space accommodation for both staff and users. 
  • Securing furniture for both users and staff. 
  • Providing an effective security system for the entire Library and its resource contents. 
  • Providing equipment for use by both staff and end-users. 
  • Securing binding materials and requisite equipment. 
  • Enhancing access to electronic resources. 
  • Establishing an efficient and reliable Internet connectivity for effective information access and document delivery. 
  • Staff skills upgrading through in-house training and retraining. As its major goal, the University Library focuses its attention on the improvement of access to current information through acquisition and accessing up-to-date information resources through any type of media. 

To achieve this aim, the Library hopes to achieve priorities as follows: 

  • Security of information resources. In order to prevent break-ins, the Library had a security surveillance system installed in 2002. However, to reduce incidents of materials pilferage, the Library has set itself to acquire book detection systems for the Main and Branch libraries. 
  • Regularly acquire new books to replenish the old stock that had not been restocked in a long period. 
  • Establish a computer laboratory that would replace the old PCs that have been failing over time due to old age, and to make the PCs available to the user community. 
  • Enhance access to electronic information resources through an efficient and fast Internet connectivity. 
  • Continue restocking and servicing the Bindery Unit.