Health Services

The University Clinic is nearly as old as the University of Zambia. The Clinic was established in 1966 with a view of ensuring access to health care for the University community. Over the years, the clinic has evolved into the University Health Services with an increase in the level and scope of services on offer. Most of these services are offered at the University Clinic.

The main objective of the University Health Services is provision of quality health care and health promotion services to students, staff and their families as well as to the general public in the surround community. Students, understandably, form the majority of the University Health Services Clientele. Services for members of the general community are available at nominal fees. Other clinical services like those of Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) are integrated within the health services 

The University Health Services strives to tailor its services in a way that meets the expectations of all its clients. In line with the Zambian Ministry of Health’s mission, the University Health Services endeavours to ensure that services are convenient, acceptable, and accessible and are as close as possible to the community being served.

Location and Contact Hours

The University Clinic is located at the Great East Road Campus of the University of Zambia, next to the Sports Hall and behind the male Hostels popularly known as “The Ruins”.

The main hours of operation are:

  • 08:00hrs-12:30 hrs, 14:00-17:00hrs on weekdays
  • 08:00hrs-12:30hrs on Saturdays
  • Outside these hours including on Sundays and Public Holidays, the Clinic attends to emergencies and acutely ill patients.

The University Clinic is open 24 hrs a day!


The University Health Services is head by a full time medical officer. The Medical Officer is supported by a team comprising medical licentiates, clinical officers, nurses, counsellors, pharmacy and laboratory technologists as well as support staff.

Consultants/Specialists in various health disciplines visit the Clinic regularly.

Counsellors are available for HIV, mental health and general counselling.


University Clinic: 260 211 291840

Ambulance: +260 955 832547 / +260 955 832547

Medical Officer: +260 955 314575/ +260 955 314575

Sister in Charge


Medical Officer:

Secretary to the Medical Officer:

At the Great East Road campus, feedback to the University Clinic can also be provided through the Suggestion box located at the reception/main foyer or through the Office of the Sister in charge or the Medical Officer at the Clinic.