In July 1983, it was announced that the University of Zambia was to establish its own School of Veterinary Medicine to meet the critical shortage of qualified veterinary personnel. The first class of fourteen students was admitted in October 1983. With the cooperation of the Government of Japan, the construction of a large and well equipped School began in February 1984 and completed in 1986. The School has since started a postgraduate programme for a Master's degree (MVetMed) taken in two years. The first year is course work and the second is research followed by presentation of a dissertation. The objectives of the School of Veterinary Medicine is to produce veterinarians who will be recognised internationally and who will be competent to engage in:

  • the promotion of animal production development in Zambia and elsewhere through improved animal health control, surgical intervention,breeding and nutritional programs
  • the promotion of public health through the control of zoonotic diseases and other infections transmitted to man though human products
  • basic and applied research in the field of veterinary medicine and surgery
  • teaching and academic curriculum development in veterinary education
  • to promote appropriate livestock and poultry products