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Mubita, K and Phiri, T.k (2016). Principles of Occupational safety and Health in schools. Mission Press, Ndola  (ISBN 978-998-70-163-1)

Mubita, K; Mubanga, M and Kabaghe, S. (2016). Management of Psychosocial hazards in schools. Mission Press, Ndola  (ISBN 978-998-70-4)

Book chapters

Mubita, K (2016). ’’ Introduction to occupational Safety and Health’’ in ‘’Learning sustainable development goals in Zambia through Environment Education’’. (ISBN 978-998-70-163-7)

Published Conference Proceedings

Mubita, K (2011) ‘Responding to disasters in the era of climate. Lusaka. IIPT Book of proceedings

Namafe, C.M and Mubita, K (2011). Community of Zambian schools practicing sustainable flood Education. Lusaka, Zambia

Reviewed Works

____ (2012) ‘The Lozi cultural objects in the classroom”, Ministry of Education, Science, Vocational Training and Early Education, Sefula, Mongu

____ (2012) CVE 412: Advance Population and Environmental Issues, Distance    Education Module


Unpublished Learning Materials


LSE 3069-Fundamental Topics in Secondary School Geography-Module for Distance Education (Under review)

Unpublished Geography Modules for Paglory College of Education in Kabwe:

Geography Teaching Methods

Geography of Zambia

Geography of Africa

Physical Geography


Researches done

Mubita, K. (2014). Occupational health and safety practices in selected schools of    Lusaka District. Lusaka, Zambia. (Self funded)

Mubita, K. (2011). ‘Perceptions of Environmental Hazards and Disasters in Geography   among selected Diploma Colleges of Zambia’. Lusaka, Zambia (self funded)


Mubita, K and Phiri, T. (2012). The Role of Education and Training in occupational Health and Safety Management in the Construction Industry in Selected sites in Lusaka. Lusaka, Zambia (funded by DRGS under seed funding)

Mubita, K and Phiri, T. (2013). Indigenous Methods of solid waste management in selected rural areas of Zambia. Lusaka, Zambia (self funded)

Mubita, K, Sikayomya P, Bwalya, I and Machila, N (2015) Schools as safe haven: Management barriers to effective school safety in selected schools of Chongwe District

Mubita, K; Sikayomya P, Machila, N and Sompa, M (2015) Pupils’ and Teachers’ Perception of school climate in selected schools of Chilanga District: An exploration of varying patterns of disparity

Mubita, K; Nakazwe M, Chipatu, L and Bwalya, I (2015) A Risk Assessment of selected schools of Kafue District of Zambia

Mubita, k; Nakazwe,  M; Chipatu, L and Bwalya, I(2015) An investigation of transport safety measures and awareness in selected schools of western, north western and Copperbelt provinces of Zambia

Mubita, K, Phiri, T.K and Monde, P. (2014). Safety and Health as Critical Components of Transformative Learning and Quality Education. Lusaka, Zambia

Alex, M, Nakwiza, L, Mubita, K and Phiri, T.K (2014). Addressing Drug and Alcohol Abuse through Environmental Education. Lusaka, Zambia

Muleya, G; Mubita, K; Mweemba, L, Mulubale, S and Bwalya I. (2015). The Learning of Civic Education at the University of Zambia: A Situational analysis. Lusaka, Zambia

Muleya, G; Mubita, K; Mweemba, L, Mulubale, S and Bwalya I. (2015). The role of Civic Education in school Curriculum: Perspectives of Civic Education teachers. Lusaka, Zambia

Muleya, G; Mubita, K; Mweemba, L, Mulubale, S and Bwalya I. (2015). The Effect of Civic Education on Future Political Participation: Perspectives of University of Zambia Students. Lusaka, Zambia


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