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Geoffrey Simfukwe




             2015: Revised and Published the following textbooks:

-           Civic Education Grade 10 Learner’s Book

-           Civic Education Grade 10 Teacher’s Guide

-           Civic Education Grade 11 Learner’s Book

-           Civic Education Grade 11 Teacher’s Guide

-           Civic Education Grade 12 Leaner’s Book

-           Civic Education Grade 12 Teacher’s Guide

(The above books have been published by Zambia Education Publishing House – ZEPH) and they are on sale in Book World Bookshops.

6.       Unpublished teaching and learning materials

-          Introduction to Civic Education to university and  college students                  

-           Governance issues in Zambia

-           Readings in Civic Education

-          A critical analysis of Zambia’s Electoral Process.

Research Completed

-          1993: The Impact of Structural Adjustment Programmes on the rural Poor in Zambia  

           and Political implications from 1990 to 1993.

-          2011:  The Prospects of Democratization in Africa, with special reference to Zambia

-          2012:  The causes and effects of street vending in Lusaka

-          2013:  The Introduction of Civic Education in Zambia’s schools and its impact on society                 

-          2014: Gender Based Violence in Zambia: An Examination of its causes, effects and   

           possible solutions to curb it. The case study of Kalingalinga Compound.

-          2014: The Impact of multi-party on political underdevelopment: The case study of   


-          2015: Quality assurance and assessment in Private Universities in Zambia. A case study of University of Lusaka.

-          2015: Effects of Overcrowding in Zambia’s State Prisons: A case study of Lusaka Central Prison and Kamwala Prison.

-          2015: An assessment on the causes, effects and measures that can be put in place to mitigate floods: A case study of Misisi Compound.


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