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David Sani Mwanza (PhD)



Research and Publications 


Wakumelo, M., & Mwanza, D. S.Mkandawire, S. B. (2016). The Toponymics of Postcolonial Zambia: Street Naming Patterns in Lusaka. In O. Nyambi, T. Mangena & C. Pfukwa (Ed.)The Postcolonial Condition of Names and Naming Practices in Southern Africa (PP. 270-288). Newcastle, Uk: Cambridge Publishing Scholars. Hardcopy ISBN-13:978-1-4438-9691-7 and Electronic copy ISBN-10:1-4438-9691-8

Mkandawire S. B. & D. S. Mwanza (2014). Growing Up Manifested in Oral Literacy (Kukula Nkhayowoyelo)Lusaka: unza press. ISBN 978-9982-03-078-6

Mwanza, D. S. & S. B. Mkandawire (2013). The Nyanja Phrase Book. In V. M. Chanda & S.   B. Mkandawire (Ed), Speak Zambian Languages (PP.99-123). Lusaka: unza press. ISBN: 978-9982-03-073-1


2012   With Mildred Nkolola Wakumelo as Principal researcher, Mkandawire, S. B. and D. S. Mwanza as co-researchers on a study entitled ‘An Onomastic Journey through post-colonial Zambia: A survey on the process and Etymologies of street names in some low residential Suburbs of the Lusaka District of Zambia’. Yet to be published.


The Termite Model (Theory)


The Termite ModelTwo researchers and innovators (Geoffrey K. Tambulukani and Dennis Banda) from the University of Zambia unleash a new model/theory.  These innovators indicated that the ‘Termite Model or Theory’ state that “the development, implementation and success of a huge project cannot be entrusted in one hand but requires many stake holders if not all to work together passionately from the planning, implementation and completion of the project”.

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