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Policy Makers Uptake Series of Literacy Studies to formulate New Literacy Policy in Zambia


The current debates and complaints from uninformed selected few Zambians about the new literacy Policy is immaterial and unguided. The 2014 literacy policy is not entirely new as it was there before and after independence. Speaking at the Language and Development conference at Mulungushi

International Conference on Thursday, the Permanent Secretary Ministry of Education, Science, Vocation, Training and Early Education Mr. C. Nkosha noted that if we are to speak about meaningful education for our children, we need to teach them in the language familiar to them. He cited a number of neighbouring countries such as Malawi, Tanzania and South Africa that have the same or similar policy with a successful story.

Presenters following the Permanent Secretary Dr D. Banda, Dr. J. Simwinga, Dr. S. Ngalande, Dr. M. Nkolola Wakumelo and Mr. D. S. Mwanza all noted that the new literacy policy is on the right track as it is based on recommendations from a number of studies.


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