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UNZA Dons Support the use of Zambian Languages as Medium of Instruction in Schools from Grade 1-4


University of Zambia Lecturers/researchers in the School of Education Department of Language and Social Sciences Education and School of Humanities and Social Sciences in the Department of Literature and Languages have supported the government for reintroducing the so called new literacy policy.


Speaking at the language and development conference at Mulungushi international conference organised by British Council, Dr. Dennis Banda, Dr. John Simwinga,  Dr Sande Ngalande, Mr. David Sani Mwanza and Dr. Mildred Nkolola Wakumelo in their respective presentations unanimously agreed that the ministry is in the right direction as the policy is not new and that it is working in the neighbouring countries such as Malawi, Tanzania and South Africa.  They noted that the new policy was based on a series of literacy studies conducted in the past such as Matafwali Beatrice, Zimba Samson, SACMEQ, Phiri Juliet, Eddy Williams, Chishimba Nkosha, Ebby Mubanga and others.


One of the presenters noted that “It is only in Zambia where people cry or fight to be taught in a foreign Language at the expense of their children and their local languages because they do not realise the role a familiar language plays in education”. The presenters recommended that more languages must be included address the current national impulse.

On the same issue, the Director Curriculum Standards in the presence of Permanent Secretary and Deputy Minister of Education at the conference announced that the policy accommodates all linguistic or ethnic groupings who want their children to learn in their languages.  She gave examples of the Lamba, Tumbuka and Senga groups who are currently working with the Ministry in developing materials so that their children can learn in their home languages. She invited other ethnic groupings to do the same for the good of their children.


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