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Simple Way of Making Fertlizer for Maize & other Crops Released


University of Zambia Staff innovates and releases a simple and cheaper way of making fertilizer for maize and other crops from a mixture of certain rocks with a certain type of acid.  Explaining in a short interview at PACRA WIPO KIPO workshop on appropriate technology and intellectual property rights, Munsanda Ngulube, the best WIPO KIPO 2014 Zambia award winner indicated that the process involved in making this fertilizer is easy and cheaper for many farmers.

Munsanda Ngulube and Daniel Phiri got first and second awards repectively

 "Munsanda Ngulube and Daniel Phiri got first and second awards repectively"

The whole initiative is an agronomic evolution of Sinda Phosphate rock acidulated with phosphoric acids as a source of phosphorus for maize and other crops.

The new development is undergoing the patenting and registration process with relevant authorities before farmers can finally uptake the new initiative for massive utilisation. 


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