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New Developments on Sexually Transmitted Parasite Unveiled at UTH


University of Zambia Don at University Teaching Hospital unveils new developments on a parasite that is transmitted sexually called Trichomonas Vaginalis. Speaking at a media briefing hosted recently in Senate Chamber, the researcher Dr. Alex Katakwe noted that this parasite is deadly and it is more prominent in women. See figure below


Dr Katakwe noted that if the parasite is not treated early, it is associated to be the co-infector of Human immune virus (HIV) that causes aids. 

This parasite is resistant to medicine especially in immune suppressed patients. Dr Katakwe urged all health personnel and the ministry of health to change in policy and protocol for diagnosis, treatment and management of Trichomoniasis by employing the new Rapid TV test as opposed to low sensitive method being used currently.

Dr Katakwe urged all health personnel to sensitize the public on the dangers of this parasite serve lives and help reduce the HIV pandemic to a greater extent.


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