Prince Simunkombwe

Department of Government and Management Studies

Academic Qualifications

2020    Master of Arts (MA)

Thesis Title: Challenges of Democratic Consolidation in Sub-Saharan African Countries: A Comparative Study of Ghana and Zambia.

2015    Bachelor of Arts (BA)

Research Title: Causes of Voter Apathy in Zambia: A Comparative study of Kalingalinga and Jesmodine in Lusaka.


Prince Simunkombwe is currently pursuing his PhD from North-West University in South Africa. He received his MA from Linnaeus University in Sweden and BA from the University of Zambia respectively. He has wide- ranging interest in international politics, humanitarian crisis, democracy, democratisation, and democratic consolidation, among others. Much of his research has been devoted to questions about the absence of democratic consolidation in sub-Saharan African countries.

Commissioned Research

Research Assistant: Effectiveness of Malaria Control by Supply of Mosquito Nets in Rural Areas, Mazabuka” funded by Ministry of Health (MOH)-(July- December 2016).

Lead researcher: PhD: Democratic Consolidation Promotion by the European Union in Zambia Within the Framework of the Cotonou Agreement 2000 to 2021- (January 2022-Till now).

Research Interests
  • Democratisation
  • Democratic Consolidation
  • International politics
  • Peace, security, and Conflict
  • Political parties and elections
  • Humanitarian crisis
  • Climate change
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Simunkombwe, P. (2022). The International Society: Global and Regional Decline of Democracy. In Silander, D. Silander, C. Van der Elst, H. and Heydenrych, P. (Eds) South Africa’s Democracy at the Crossroads. Emerald Publishing Limited.


Selected Conference and Seminar Papers

2023    Memorandum for the Parliamentary Committee on National Security and Foreign Affairs on the “Review of the Administration and Operation of the Zambia Police Service”.

2022    PhD Proposal Presentation: Presented at European Studies seminar, Växjö, Sweden

2021    Attended the workshop on “assessing the conduct of the 2021 general election, controversies surrounding the result management, explaining the election results and challenges facing the UPND government” organised jointly by Friedrick Ebert Stiftung (FES) and Centre for Policy Dialogue (CPD) at Protea Chisamba Safari Lodge in Chisamba.

2020    Attended a seminar on “Ukraine’s Governance System” organised by Linnaeus University, Sweden

2020    Attended a Seminar on “European Union: How Does it Work” organised by Linnaeus University, Sweden

Contact Details
C/O University of Zambia School of Humanities and Social Sciences, Department of Government and Management Studies, P.O. Box 32379 Lusaka, Zambia. Email: ;