Undergraduate Programmes On Offer

undergraduate Programmes

Art Based Programmes

  1. Bachelor of Education (Special Education): 1 Year Entry    [4 years]

  2. Bachelor of Education (Special Education): 3rd Year Entry    [2 years]

  3. Bachelor of Arts with Library and Information Studies    [4 years]

  4. Bachelor of Arts with Education in Zambian Cultures and Ceremonies    [4 years]

  5. Bachelor of Education (Social Sciences)    [4 years]

  6. Bachelor of Education (Environmental Education)    [4 years]

  7. Bachelor of Arts With Education    [4 years]

  8. Bachelor of Education-secondary (Mathematics and Science) [BEDMAS]    [4 years]

  9. Bachelor of Education in Primary Education (B.ED, Primary)    [4 years]

  10. Bachelor of Science with Education (BSC.ED)    [4 years]

  11. Bachelor of Adult Education    [4 years]

  12. Bachelor of Teacher Education    [4 years]

  13. Bachelor of Education in Educational Administration and Management    [4 years]

  14. Bachelor of Arts in Media and Communication Studies

  15. Bachelor of Arts in Social work and Community Development

  16. Diploma in Sports Studies [2 years]

Social Sciences Based Programmes

  1. Bachelor of Arts – Non Quota, B.A.NQ** [4 years]

  2. Bachelor of Laws    [4 years]

  3. Bachelor of Science in Accounting and Finance [4 years]

  4. Bachelor of Arts in Police and Security Studies

  5. Bachelor of Arts in Criminology and Security Studies

Natural Sciences Based Programmes

  1. Bachelor of Science in Nursing [3 years]

  2. Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Economics

  3. Bachelor of Science in Agronomy

  4. Bachelor of Science in Environmental Health

  5. Bachelor of Education with Information Communication Technology

  6. Diploma in Laboratory Diagnostics    [2 years]

  7. Diploma in Livestock Health Management and Production in Tropics    [2 years]

  8. Diploma in Computer Science and Information Technology    [2 years]

  9. Certificate in Computer Applications, Repair and Maintenance    [1 year]

Business Programmes

  1. Bachelor of Business Administration

  2. Bachelor of Science  in Human Resource Management

  3. Bachelor of Science in Project Management

  4. Bachelor of Science in Marketing

  5. Bachelor of Science in Innovation and Entrepreneurship