Dr. Vincent Nyau

Department of Food Science and Nutrition
Assistant Dean Postgraduates
Senior Lecturer
Academic Qualifications:
  • Ph.D (Nutraceuticals) – University of Cape Town
  • MSc. (Food Technology, major in Post-harvest and Food Preservation Engineering) - University of Ghent/Leuven
  • Complementary Degree (Food Technology) – University of Ghent/Leuven
  • B.F.S.T (Bachelor of Food Science and Technology) – University of Zambia

Dr. Vincent Nyau is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Food Science and Nutrition, School of Agricultural Sciences of the University of Zambia. He joined the University of Zambia in 2006 as a Lecturer and rose through the ranks to his current position of Senior Lecturer.  Dr. Nyau has expertise in food processing, post-harvest technologies, and nutraceuticals. He has a demonstrated experience in project leadership and implementation, staff supervision, coordination and facilitation of workshops and training programs, and has participated in several consultancy and research work in the Department.

Research Interests

Dr. Nyau’s broader research interests are in the areas of post-harvest technologies, food processing and nutraceuticals. The current focus is on exploring plant based foods for possible nutraceutical potential (health promoting properties). Working with collaborators from the University of Cape Town, Dr.

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Ongoing research
  • Improving incomes and nutrition security through development and commercialization of consumer preferred processed legume-based products in Malawi and Zambia. (2021 -2022). USAID funded consortium comprising of the Michigan State University, University of Zambia (UNZA), Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources (LUANAR), Alliance-CIAT, Zambia Agriculture Research Institute (ZARI), Malawi’s Department of Agricultural Research Services (DARS), and Virginia Tech.
  • HealthyFoodAfrica (HFA) project. (2020 – 2024). A European Union (EU) funded consortium aimed at 'improving nutrition in Africa by strengthening diversity, sustainability, resilience and connectivity of food systems.' Collaborating partners include; University of Zambia (UNZA),  Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke), The Alliance of Bioversity International and CIAT, Council for Scientific & Industrial Research, Ghana (CSIR), African Population & Health Research Centre Kenya (APHRC), Norwegian Institute of Bioeconomy Research (NIBIO), University of Helsinki, Finland (UH), Bahir Dar University, Ethiopia (BDU), University of Makerere, Uganda (MAK), University of Pisa, Italy (UNIPI), University of Abomey-Calavi, Benin (UAC), Aeres University of Applied Sciences, Netherlands, Hivos, Finn Church Aid (FCA), Centre for Initiatives on Food Security and Environment (GIFSE), Mentes Visiveis Lda (MV) and House of Böna Ltd.
  • Assessing the performance of solar drying technology in reducing post-harvest losses of fruits and vegetables along the supply and value chains. (2021 – 2023). A consortium comprising the University of Zambia, Universidade Eduardo Mondlane and Malawi University of Science and Technology funded by the Governments of Zambia, Malawi and Mozambique.
  • The influence of the variety and environment activities in Zambia and Mozambique, an Agricultural Productivity Programme for Southern Africa (APPSA), a funding initiative from the World Bank - engaged as Co-Researcher
  • Enhancing utilization and marketability of groundnuts/bambara nuts through processing and improved post-harvest practices in Zambia, Malawi and Mozambique, an Agricultural Productivity           Programme for Southern Africa (APPSA), a funding initiative from the World Bank - engaged as Principal Investigator
  • Edible insects of Tanzania: Diversity, nutrition quality and its contribution            to livelihood, Lucia Joseph Memba, PhD student – Co-supervised.
  • Dietary quality of complementary foods for children aged 6-23 months in bio fortified intervention areas of Chipata district, Zambia, MSc. Student, Nancy Sakala- Co-supervised.
  • Dietary practices, morbidity and nutritional status of children aged 6-23 months in Mpika Central Constituency, Zambia, MSc. Student, Elizabeth Musonda – Co- supervised
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